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For some patients, improving oral health requires the removal of seriously damaged teeth and replacing extracted teeth with a denture. However, waiting for your dentures by way of the traditional method can take time, leaving patients without a complete smile for potentially several weeks. Hormozdi DDS Denture Clinic provides immediate dentures, an alternative solution, to the people of Gladstone, North Kansas City, Liberty and the surrounding communities.

The Disadvantages of Traditional Extractions and Dentures

Under the traditional method of extraction and denture restoration, damaged teeth are removed and the arch is left to heal while dentures are fabricated in an outside lab. In total, this process can take anywhere up to two weeks, potentially even longer if the dentures do not fit properly and must be remade to better fit your smile. As a result, patients often go without teeth for an extended period of time, which limits dietary options.

Going without teeth can also cause changes to your bite. When teeth are lost, the jawbone shrinks significantly as it is no longer stimulated. Also known as resorption, this deterioration occurs most severely in the first three or four months after teeth have been extracted, and may not stop completely until ten months post-extraction. Traditional denture fabrication has to take this change in the jaw’s size into consideration, which means the final shape of your bite is based off of a projection of your final jaw size and may not be totally accurate.

How Immediate Dentures Work

With an in-office denture lab and Dr. Oz's significant experience in restoring smiles, our Gladstone dentist can sidestep the issues of waiting for traditional dentures by offering an immediate dentures procedure. The immediate denture process allows you to use the immediate dentures for a fully functional smile until your permanent dentures are ready.

Immediate dentures actually require two sets of dentures throughout the process: the dentures immediately placed and your final dentures. First, damaged teeth which need to be extracted for the denture are removed. Then, the immediate dentures are added to your smile. For the next ten months, your immediate dentures serve as your new teeth while the extraction site completes healing and the jaw resorption process settles. In order to maintain functionality and comfort, the immediate dentures are continuously relined as the bone shrinks, ensuring maintained functioned and comfort. Once the jaws have settled, your immediate dentures are then replaced with the final dentures, completing your smile.

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Hormozdi DDS Denture Clinic helps the people of Gladstone, North Kansas City, and Liberty receive healthy smiles with immediate dentures. For more information, call our office today!

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