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Full and partial dentures are designed to be as durable as possible. However, even these restorations can eventually sustain damage that requires either repair or replacement. Hormozdi DDS Denture Clinic offers denture repair services in Gladstone, North Kansas City, Liberty, and all surrounding communities. Schedule an appointment with us today if you need your denture fixed.

Multiple Materials Used

Your standard full denture is made out of acrylic with plastic teeth. Partial dentures often have the acrylic and plastic on top of a resin or cast metal base for more stability, but they can also be made entirely of flexible acrylic. If one of these dentures is damaged, you could be looking at the repair or replacement of several different materials, each of which has their own unique fabrication requirements.

As owners of an in-house dental laboratory, our Gladstone dental practice is experienced in providing each of these types of dentures to our patients. We, therefore, can repair the acrylic full dentures and resin base partials in office. We partner with another dental laboratory we trust for repairing flexible and metallic base partials. We are even well-versed in providing implant-supported dentures, so we can help you repair and replace these in such a way that they work with your existing implant posts. Our thorough, experienced care makes us available to treat all of your denture needs.

Repair and Replace

Our ability to fix your denture problems includes knowing when to repair a denture and when to replace one. We can help diagnose the specific problem behind your denture issues and provide the appropriate solution.

Repairing a denture is the solution of choice when the problem with your prosthetic is minor in nature. A common repair is the replacement of one of the individual teeth in the denture; these plastic structures can chip and break while leaving the overall denture intact. Another frequent repair is relining the denture. The structure of your mouth changes over time, and gaining or losing weight drastically changes the layout of your mouth as well. The denture can become too loose to fit effectively as a result of these changes. A relining helps it continue to fit your smile and prevents the need for premature replacement.

Replacing your denture is recommended when multiple problems exist or occur frequently. Commonly, this means that loose bases and broken teeth are occurring too quickly to make repairs a feasible solution. It can also refer to a cracked base, which means that the whole denture must be replaced. There is also the matter that ill-fitting dentures can cause and accelerate the shrinkage of the jaw bone, as well as damage gum tissue; if religning alone does not fix those problems, then a new denture must be added so you can stay healthy. This also helps slow down the need for religning, as the denture's long-term success depends upon a healthy jaw bone.

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Hormozdi DDS Denture Clinic provides denture repairs near Gladstone. Our dentist, Dr. Hormozdi, is uniquely experienced in the field of dentures and is happy to repair and replace dentures as necessary. For more information, call our practice and schedule your next appointment today!

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