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Dr. Hormoz Hormozdi

Dr. Oz


The easier and shorter version of Dr. Hormoz Hormozdi is Dr. Oz and that's what we call him. Dr. Oz has always had a passion to help people with their health and smile and that passion fueled his interest to be a dentist. Unfortuantely, he was unable to get into dental school in his home country but that did not stop him from pursuing his passion for wanting to help people. He instead attended and graduated from Medical School and worked as a General Practioner for 5 years before discriminiation against minors in his country forced him to leave but was able to emigrate to the US as a religious refugee.Dr. Oz saw this as a second chance to follow his true passion... dentistry. Starting from scratch in the US, he has completed dental school and now has his own practice! Today he continues to help people with their smiles and aims to provide the best treatment possible to all of his patient, which are not only patients to him but considers them part of his family.

Dr. Sadighara

Dr. Sadighara strives to be persistent and seek perfection in all matters of my life. In Iran, Dr. Sadighara was admitted to a dental school in 2000 that only accepts the top one percent of the applicant pool. His dental program consisted of six years of coursework including two years of basic sciences and four years of clinical dentistry. During dental school, Dr. Sadighara's desire to be an oral and maxillofacial surgeon was fully reinforced. After graduation in 2006, he enrolled in an implant program, and soon became a surgical assistant to one of the top oral and maxillofacial surgeons in Iran. Dr. Sadighara had the incredible opportunity to assist many oral and maxillofacial surgeries including the correction of hemifacial hypertrophies. Because of this experience in the field of oral surgery, Dr. Sadighara  obtained a position as an implant platform developer at Pars Implant System. In addition, his background in commercial negotiations and correspondence gave him the tools necessary to certify a novel implant system developed at Pars. Under his leadership, the implant system at Pars was ultimately standardized by the British Standard Institute.

Dr. Sadighara married the love of his life after dental school. With her immense love, support, and encouragement, he decided to pursue his dream of becoming an oral and maxillofacial surgeon by immigrating to the United States in 2012. Upon arrival, Dr. Sadighara soon discovered that he would need to earn a dental degree from an American institution in order to pursue oral and maxillofacial surgery. Despite having to start the dental education process over again, his persistence and intense desire to be an oral and maxillofacial surgeon gave him the motivation to continue in the pursuit of his dream.

Dr. Sadighara gained acceptance to the Indiana University School of Dentistry in 2013 and soon became the only one in the class allowed to extract a semi-impacted wisdom tooth as a dental student. He earned his D.D.S. degree from Indiana University in 2015 and obtained his US citizenship the same year. Dr. Sadighara then enrolled in a general practice residency program at a level one trauma care center at Jamaica Hospital in Jamaica, New York. This never fails to be an insightful experience.  At Jamaica Hospital, Dr. Sadighara was one of two residents out of 11 that were allowed to place implants. From 2016 to 2018, he did two years of oral surgery internship at Mount Sinai Beth Israel and Jacobi Medical center in New York. It is a dream that is finally coming true to be directly involved in complex cases such as gunshot wounds, pan facial trauma, neck resections, and multi-piece orthognathic surgeries. At MBSI/JMC, Dr. Sadighara has been allowed to place many implants and extract impacted teeth under intravenous sedation.  Oral Surgery is something that he think about on a continual basis. He dares to say it's an obsession. Dr. Sadighara has worked diligently to build a background that reflects this desire. He feels that his persistence and dedication to perfection uniquely qualify him to treat people in the field of dentistry and hope to back to the profession that has given him so much personal and professional satisfaction.


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