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Self-esteem is a major part of personality of human beings and we must make sure function comes with aesthetic at the same time. This is what matters in our office to make sure our patients are smiling with confidence and at the same time they can eat well which being able to chew our food is one of the main goals in our office as well. For all these reasons we would like to make sure our patients walk out of our office with teeth in their mouth and obviously there will be some bumps on the road since healing takes time and process of healing is sometimes more important than the smile for right after procedure but as soon as healing happens then we will start working on aesthetic. The whole process could happen in the same day, but we need to have the impressions of the mouth and teeth ahead of time. We will take impressions and our lab tech will make teeth and we will make an appointment. Patients will come in on the appointed day and we will complete the procedures and we will insert the teeth and will adjust them and will make patients comfortable. Please keep in mind patients' compliance is very important part of the treatment and without your cooperation we won't be able to finish your treatment. we will stand with you in every step of the treatment and will make sure you are happy with the result. 

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